Tools & Frameworks

Aspire team has employed BDD approach to build a software testing automation framework integrating with most of technologies and implementations under one platform to increase the efficacy of the testing cycle and expand the testing coverage with a reporting and dashboard layer for instant status and work presentation.

The automation framework is constantly being customized and build up on several utilizing open source tools and components. It supports all types of automation services (web, API, and mobile) with the following features:

  • Multiple BDD frameworks support (Jbehave and Cucumber JVM DSL’s)
  • Covers Native Mobile, API and Web automation in addition to hybrid models (web/mobile)
  • Advanced and configured queue management
  • Meta data driven executions
  • Integration with Test Data Management frameworks, processes and tools
  • Maven configured parameterization
  • Integrate with JMeter and BlazeMeter as standalone to perform load, stress, and performance testing
  • Cloud integration (AWS Device Farm, Sauce Labs, Perfecto and internal testing labs)
  • Rich helper library that supports extra functionalities such as clicking by image in addition to unstable functionalities such as mobile scrolling.
  • Full CI integration
  • Maven based implementation
  • Page Object Pattern
  • Instance reporting for the test execution results through web, emails and Jenkins reporting plugins
  • Supports analytics, security scanning and ADA.

Crawler Bot

  • Detect all HTTP error codes
  • Check Dom object and tag comparison
  • 500 links per second
  • Configurable crawler depth
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Headless
  • Exclusion lists
  • Authentication management
  • Static links and full websites

Video Load Time Monitor

  • Web and mobile web
  • Ads and videos load time measurement
  • List all calls with high response time
  • Support feeds APIs, CSV files or site crawling video sources

Analytics Testing

  • Automated network sniffing tool
  • Support mobile and desktop
  • Capture network packets and analyze calls
  • Compare analytics values

Ads Framework

  • Integrates with crawler to scan and validate Ad calls
  • Check Dom objects to locate and validate Ad tags
  • Supports API assets source