Standards Compliance

Creation of cloud-based eCommerce portal that exceeds PCI-DSS and HIPAA compliance

US based provider of services in healthcare and retail needed a cloud-based, ecommerce transaction portal that would meet or exceed PCI-DSS and HIPAA compliance requirements.

    The Challenge:

PCI-DSS and HIPPAA compliance needed to be in place as well as a reduction of time to market and moving to a single IT team to improve communication as well as reduce costs. 24×7 heterogeneous support needed to be achieved.

    The Solution:

After a thorough systems planning phase, Aspire was able to create a solution that met and/or exceeded all requirements using a team of IT professionals that spanned Microsoft, Linux, Cisco and open source enterprise tools. Setup of AWS using EC2, RDS, VPC and monitoring tools, suing a proper data backup and retention plan was the first step.

Creation of VPN connections for both employees and partners was quickly completed. 24x7x365 monitoring complete with incident and problem management flows and tools were instituted. Maintenance plans, optimizations and cyclical audits were introduced to ensure quality of service for the long term.

Results / Value:

The end result was a 60% reduction in time to market for deployments, across several B2B and B2C sites. Introduction of scripting/automation was able to increase productivity up to 50% of recurring tasks that were previously manual. The customer gained peace of mind when a single IT team was able to span several business lines, ensuring standard processes and procedures across the organization.