Open Source

Saving client money using open source Performance Tools

Migrating from expensive, less flexible Commercial performance testing tools to open source solution.

    The Challenge:

In a cost reduction effort, one of our clients wanted to move from Commercial to open source performance testing tools. The current solution was adding a lot of cost, some of it hidden from tool inception to already tight development budgets. The target was to:
1. Migrate services testing from SoapUI
2. Migrate load testing from LoadRunner
3. Migrate automation scripts from QTP

    The Solution:

As part of this initiative, Aspire worked on creating brand new frameworks and utilities to migrate to the new Performance Testing platform using Aspire’s Performance Test Lab services.

1. Create new framework using Cucumber and Groovy to replace SoapUI for testing services and recreate existing service tests using the new framework.
2. Recreate existing LoadRunner scripts in JMeter, and transition testing from in- house load generators to cloud based BlazeMeter.
3. Move existing tests from QTP to use open source tools such as JBehave, Cucumber and Java for automation.

Results / Value:

We successfully achieved all three goals of the initiative. We’ve completely transitioned from using commercial products for automation and load testing to using open source. reducing the cost of operation by 60%. Moreover, now that we’re on open source software, it’s easier than ever to recruit and build up the skills we need to advance our projects.