Enterprise Integration

Overall of Enterprise system architecture featuring RESTful to SOAP interface changes

A US based Healthcare and Lifestyle technology company needed a complete overhaul  of their Enterprise product development.

    The Challenge:

The current Data interfaces between different systems require huge effort from multiple teams especially when implementing new features that require external data dependency. Problems existed in the current Web Services and REST applications that included complicated data flow tracking, additional effort / special case code for Automation / Load testing and increased difficultly in integration of online applications.

    The Solution:

Aspire’s expert team was able to implement the ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) architecture model to create flexible communication between different Applications. Then the Soap UI was then introduced as a cross platform solution to create and execute automated functional, regression, security and load tests.

Aspire then provided complete test coverage and support on all the standard protocols and technologies in a single environment which included all web services.

Results / Value:

Aspire delivered a complete solution that reduced the manual effort and allowed incremental patching with zero-downtime. This approach also accelerated the functional testing process, supported multi-environment and streamlined creation of extensions to interface with internal communication protocols. This lead to measurable increased uptime and functionality of Web services, resulted in better customer satisfaction.