End-to-end and Integration test optimization to increase efficiency and enable regulatory compliance

Integration strategy needed to implement and optimize end-to-end testing on mixed system that contained legacy, new and 3rd party components.

    The Challenge:

The Client environment consisted of heterogeneous systems, homegrown/legacy applications and third party applications. This resulted in multiple integration points between systems, through data interfaces. Time to market on releases was negatively impacted, as well as sub-optimum transaction capacities making for unacceptable customer performance.

    The Solution:

Aspire started by educating, training and introducing process so that the engineered solution would “stick” once implemented. This included defining standards and guidelines for use across the organization. Properly forecasting CPU with a capacity plan and creating high level data flow and process diagrams than highlighted interface points.

A comprehensive Integration Test Strategy was developed. Aspire then installed a dedicated team to manage all end-to-end testing activities and added a service registry to support dynamic service binding.

Results / Value:

Aspire was able to help the client achieve a 50% reduction in time-to-market for new services. The legacy site, that were in place were optimized and essential business knowledge was harnesses from them to relive further performance improvements. Operational costs were reduced by 25% using streamlined processes and automation. Systems transition capacity was increased by an amazing 100%!