Test time reduction using Behavior Driven Design and Automation

Significantly reduce regression time and testing cost for mobile and web based products.

    The Challenge:

Given the rapid cycle times of Agile development, the client requested a methodology that would give Aspire’s team of expert testers more time to focus on new features in development by reducing the effort spent on regression testing, without compromising quality.

    The Solution:

By utilizing the flexible, open-source Automation framework developed by Aspire, automation testing was incrementally introduced to reduce the dependency on manual testing.

Using an approach of requirements  Behavior Driven Design (BDD) scripts, this hybrid model was able to not only maintain precision, deep, expert testing in new feature development areas, but also added automated regression scripts that were made part of the Continuous Integration development process.

Results / Value:

The outcome was continuous quality and stability delivered to the customer by the Aspire Test Team. Implementation of hundreds of test cases in a human readable BDD format which in turn reduced manual regression time up to 75%.
There was also a significant decrease in smoke/acceptance test turnaround which not only reduced reliance on the expert test team, but enabled strong, on-time finishes in the Agile sprints.